We finally got us a new fan! We don't have to open the windows anymore! Most important, as my friend eloquently put it, we don't have to turn into puddles while watching TV anymore!

And to think I only had to badger T for three weeks to get it done.


Jottings during the course I attended yesterday

9:02 am
People are funny creatures. They attend a two-day course and predictably plant themselves at exactly the same seats.

Okay, I could say people were boring, but it's early and I'm being charitable.

2:27 pm
Even funnier are people who have to sit in the front row, laugh loudly at all the presenter's jokes and raise self-referential/parochial questions all the time.

And then there are those who get impatient with the presenter when he doesn't understand their question, when they're asking a poorly phrased question about something he already explained before lunch.

3:22 pm
And then there are the people who have no critical acumen and want to accept everything the trainer says, so when he says something they disagree with, they have to nitpick about it rather than simply accept it as a different point of view.

How can someone be a web developer and not know intuitively why it's important to indicate copyright information on his website??


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