Reflections on watching the news this morning

  • Philip Mah is pretty hot, even when he's not in his police uniform.

  • I don't know who packaged the stock footage for the news report on Microsoft shutting down all its chatrooms, but I'm sure Microsoft is delighted that they chose to use footage of a computer user navigating his way around Windows 3.1 and close-ups of 3½" floppy disk drives.

  • Philip Mah looks hot even when he's speaking Mandarin.

  • Footage of the Environment Ministry/National Environment Agency press conference looks like they cornered the Minister in a building circa 1970, even though I'm sure they organised a proper press conference for it.

  • Singapore's Brainiest Kid sounds like an ACS boy when he's speaking Chinese, thus healthily perpetuating the local stereotype that brainy kids do well in everything except Chinese.


At 2/21/2007 8:40 am , Blogger Dreamer said...

just want to comment, your last point on me seems remarkably accurate!


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