Feeling old

We spent all of yesterday running around at my cousin's wedding, and by 11 pm we were pooped. We were so pooped, we bailed on the last course of the wedding dinner and on the post-dinner festivities that we were invited to in the bridal couple's suite. (I hear it was a really nice suite too.) Perhaps we are getting too old for this.

Hrm. The G-man is planning to get married next year. That will potentially be another whirlwind of festivities.

Anyway, our fatigue notwithstanding, yesterday was a brilliant day:
  • Sunshine --- check.

  • Blushing bride who couldn't stop figeting once she was in her wedding gown and ready for the groom to pick her up --- check.

  • Groom who claimed he was feeling relaxed and made a fairly comfortable-sounding speech at the dinner, but who was probably freaked out of his mind (he's a doctor, I'm sure they train them to school their emotions to always sound relaxed and comfortable) --- check.

  • Frazzled older brother and sister-in-law of the bridal couple who were busy running around to keep everything in its place, based on their own hazy recollection of their wedding day almost five months ago --- check.

  • Beaming parents --- check.

T will have some photos up soon. He didn't take as many as he did for the other family wedding almost five months ago (see the fourth bullet point above), partly because he and my brother were sharing batteries and battery charger (my brother was anointed official film-maker for the day), but he's got some good ones.

I felt bad about bailing when we did, but we'd really hit our limit. My pet theory is that we weren't doing much at the dinner itself, so we didn't have any adrenaline to keep us going, and all that food from the nine-course dinner pretty much sped us on our way towards slumber.

The newlyweds are off on a 2½-week honeymoon. I wouldn't mind a 2½-week vacation right now myself. It was a shitty week at work, leading up to the wedding, which also accounts for why I also didn't post anything till now, and I'm so hoping that the faint cold that threatened my disposition on Friday morning will blossom into a full-fledged flu some time next week. (Not this week; we've got plans lined up next weekend too). Of course, I could always just take a walk in all the lovely rain we've been having (yesterday notwithstanding).

The weirdest part about the wedding is that my cousins now share the same wedding anniversary as local celebrities Andrea de Cruz and Pierre Png. I'm not sure how I'd feel about that, were it my big day.


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