I fee l like I should blog about something, but nothing seems consequential enough to merit a blog entry. Of course, I could write a long editorial/commentary piece about something (there's always something to rant about; if nothing else, then George W.), but I'm not feeling quite energetic enough for that.

Meanwhile, as if I haven't got enough alts on my plate, I'm contemplating picking up another roster character at Threadfall MUSH. The previous alt I tried, Eimara, didn't pan out partly because the char's IC SO*'s player bailed on me, but also because I ran out of time. Now, I'm tempted again. I know KarmaBum runs a tight ship.

See? I've got nothing to post about, so I'm posting about characters that don't exist outside of bit and bytes.

The clock's ticking towards 11. I'm going to sleep!

*IC SO=In Character Significant Other, which in Eimara's case had been integral to her plot purpose.


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