On the train, it seems, is the only time I have to write this thing --- which is just as well, because I feel a lot less tired knowing that all I have to do when I get home is HotSync this, copy it to a HTML document, and upload it. Much better than having to write it from scratch at 11 pm.

It bothers me how tired I am tonight. I was doing all right till just before 9, the last 20 minutes before class, when my brain simply gave up the ghost. I mean, it's not like I didn't get enough sleep, although there was a novel middle-of-the-night experience when Terz groggily woke me to ask if I'd closed all the windows since it was furiously storming. (I had.) [He's never done that before; I think it proves we're an Old Married Couple (tm Elaine) now.]

* * *

I'm so used to seeing people here with hair dyed every color but Asian (i.e. jet-black) that I assumed the guy who sat beside me 15 minutes ago was local. But now I look over --- okay, so I was reading his paper over his shoulder --- and he turns out to be Caucasian, with naturally sandy-shade hair. How --- predictable.

[For the record, comments within square brackets, like this sentence, are added after the fact, i.e. after I HotSync'd my Palm and was in the middle of creating the corresponding HTML journal file, mostly to clarify something.]


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