Taiwan calling

I've finally gotten confirmation of next week's press trip to Taiwan, which is not for Lonely Planet but a Singapore publication. Hey, all-expenses-paid travel --- I ain't complainin'.

I'll be in:
  • Taipei (but only in a cursory fashion, I suspect)
  • Green Island (绿岛 or Ludao)
  • Beitou (北投)
  • Penghu (澎湖, another island), and
  • Jinmen (金门, or the island formerly known as Quemoy)
Judging from the itinerary, the main objective of this trip seems to be overwhelm us with the delightfulness of Taiwan's hot springs (温泉) and islands. I'm particularly keen to see Jinmen, which is only 2 km off the coast of mainland China --- after seeing the DMZ in Korea last year, I find disputed border areas quite compelling, even if I'm there just as a layperson observer.

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