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Unlike the previous Lonely Planet research trip, I'm finding it harder these first few days to find the time to stay sort and label my images, which means I haven't gotten round to uploading any to Flickr. Meanwhile, just imagine the land of Winter Sonata (minus any actual winter), and you pretty much have an idea of what it all looks like around me.

When we return to our regularly scheduled programming, remind me to tell you about the story of the three jovial 60-year-old men I met at a rural bus stop. Also about funky university cafes in Chuncheon, huffing and puffing my way up an inclined road on a bicycle because I'd missed the (level) bicycle path, inhaling allegedly jade-infused air to improve my qi and wasting time looking for a room key that (duh) was in the power-activation slot for my hotel room in the first place.

(Uh ... forget about the last story. I'm pretty lame that way.)

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At 5/03/2009 9:12 am , Blogger Unknown said...

Should have passed you my Winter Sonata soundtrack :)

(Oops - perhaps I shouldn't have revealed that I have the soundtrack!)

At 5/03/2009 9:27 am , Blogger Tym said...

Well, today I went to Namiseom Island and bought a magnet with the Republic of Namimara flag on it. :)


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