After a mediocre-to-average brunch at 7atenine, I needed to redeem my palate, so I rounded up a few friends for dinner at Azhang.

Waiting for dinner

I know I'm getting old and crotchety because so many new and trendy restaurants disappoint, and I keep crawling back to the ones that I know won't fail me. Fortunately, with friends, there are many old ones who haven't failed me, and also a number of new ones who haven't disappointed.

Via a friend's Facebook status update yesterday, I came across the best quote about Singaporeans and food yet, from Calvin Trillin in the New Yorker last year: "Culinarily, they are among the most homesick people I have ever met."



At 3/08/2009 10:44 pm , Blogger Almost Infamous Anthony said...

Azhang's is awesome and full of win.

At 3/09/2009 4:11 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do you pronounce 7atenine!?!?

At 3/09/2009 4:11 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...



At 3/09/2009 5:28 pm , Blogger naixuhs said...

I've lived nearly 27 years away from Singapore and I still get homesick for the local fare.

At 3/12/2009 9:21 pm , Blogger Dot said...

I remember that quote too! AND I LOVE IT!


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