What does a cow's lung taste like?


Sorta spongy but, surprisingly, without any strong flavour like liver (which I'm not a fan of) or kidney (which I sometimes like).

I don't know if the Chinese --- alleged purveyors of all impossible-to-fathom gastronomical choices --- cook lung, but what I had was at a Malay food stall, where it's called paru-paru and the lung(s?) seems to have been salted and fried.


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At 3/06/2007 5:19 am , Blogger Terz said...

You've never had it before? Been craving it since my last nasi padang meal.

At 3/06/2007 7:41 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummmm ... chewy. And salty too.

My last few encounters with paru-paru at Bussorah Street left me with aching jaws.


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