A tale of three cabs

The first cab of the day I accidentally potonged (stole) from someone who was waiting for a cab but not actually standing in the cab line, so I didn't realise she was waiting for a cab. Yet she declined to take it from me when I offered it to her.

Obviously, she knew something I didn't.

A little Garden City in the cab

I like plant life all right, but having this much share the back seat with me made things a little claustrophobic.

The cab driver didn't comment on her plants, which I found strange, but she did see fit to tell me that she'd had only three hours' sleep in the last twenty-four hours or so --- extremely reassuring, of course, since she was driving in a storm and, for the first half of the ride, didn't seem to really know the way even though my destination was hardly an obscure one.

The second cab I got into today smelled very strongly of wet dog. Given that it'd been raining all morning, this scenario wasn't entirely impossible, but I thought the better of asking the cab driver --- in case he said there hadn't been any dogs in the cab, which would mean that something else was smelling nasty in there.

The third cab I got into, after work, had no plants and no funny smell. It had, however, a cab driver who had plenty to tell me about the inconveniences caused to his ilk by the various arrangements for the IMF/World Bank summit meetings that are in town.

I don't think he was thinking about the overbundance of flowers.

Our tax dollars at work

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At 9/18/2006 8:56 pm , Blogger Ondine said...

Well, from what I hear, the flowers are all dying cos some godok* thought it was a really great idea to bring in flowers that live in temperate regions. So they keep replacing the ones that have died. I sure didn't sign up for that when I paid my income tax this year.

*godok- an idiot of massive proportions.


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