TNP, TNP, quite contrary

Because The New Paper (or TNP, as we refer to it colloquially at work) prides itself on being such a quality newspaper, it saw fit to take it upon itself in today's edition to take the piss out of yesterday's local celebrity wedding (the Andrea de Cruz-Pierre Png festivities). The sub-headline says it all, really: "Fans wish Andrea & Pierre every happiness but wonder if they went overboard. Why so lavish a wedding when facing life-time [sic]of medical bills?"*

You know,
Regardless of whether they're celebrities,
Regardless of whether the bride brought her health condition upon herself by taking slimming pills,
Regardless of whether a lot of their wedding pizzazz was courtesy of "sponsors" and business/celebrity connections,
Regardless of whether they were gave the media free access to their wedding festivities,
Regardless of whether it's wise for any couple to spend so much money on one's day's festivities,
Regardless of whether they're really in love, or it's a celebrity thing, or whatever other reason one can imagine for two otherwise moderately talented and moderately interesting individuals to be so hugely popular and so lavishly married,

They're getting married. And people get married for lots of reasons and with lots of kerfuffle all the time. And there's very little to celebrate in life, so we celebrate weddings. And we generally exercise a little courtesy and decency (not that it takes much, mind you), and refrain from judging the couple getting married. We may personally object to their money, their motives --- well, just about anything to do with the wedding or the wedding couple, really. But it's their party, not ours, and it generally still just happens once in a person's life. So suck it up, leave your snide bones at home --- or hey, don't come at all! --- and play nice. Because it's not your day, it's theirs.


* I'd link to the article, except that it isn't available online. Yes, the paper actually charges money for its print version for this kind of quality reporting.


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