The A Level results will be out at 2 pm today. Well, I say 2 pm because that's the official time from which the result slips are physically handed over to students, but teachers usually know an hour or two beforehand. I'm taking the afternoon off to go back to my old school: get the cold hard truth, hand out result slips, panic/celebrate with my ex-students. It'll be an interesting afternoon, to say the least.

This doesn't cut into my annual leave, for anyone who's keeping track. I was owed a Saturday off (we work alternative Saturdays now) because my last one coincided with a public holiday. I'm on top of my work, so unless a crisis comes crashing down on us this morning --- and I've got fingers crossed and wood touched to forestall that prospect --- I'll slip off at twelve-ish, maybe grab a sandwich from the cafeteria on the way out, and hope for the best all the way.

I thought about spending my forty minutes between shower and leaving for work watching last night's Buffy episode, but then I decided it would be too depressing a way to start the day. So here I am, checking e-mail and printing crosswords and clearing Perngames foo as usual. Last night's episode was "The Body". I didn't watch it because stupid TCS moved Buffy to the 11 pm timeslot so that they could show World's Most Haunted Places or some stupid shit like that at 10 pm. Part of me doesn't blame them because Buffy's been so crappy lately, but I want to watch my crap at my time! I don't want to stay up another hour for it when I'm an old working woman who needs her sleep! And I don't want to be scared within the first two minutes of the substitute show because they have a creepy kid's voice doing the voice-over introduction and plenty of spooky footage!

Upon checking my video tape this morning, I'm a bit miffed that I didn't give the tape enough lead time so I missed the bit of the episode that comes before the opening titles and theme song (since when did that become the norm for TV programs anyway?). However, I checked the transcript and I only missed what was already the last two minutes of last week's episode, so I don't feel so bad. I'll watch it when I come home this afternoon or tonight. Whatever the results are, I'm pretty sure "The Body" will do me just fine.

Okay, gotta get dressed and go to work (and what awaits after) now. More later, for sure.


At 3/04/2005 11:02 pm , Blogger Agagooga said...

Wow. You bothered to backdate this. I applaud you.


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