One last post for the year

All in a day's work. My mother would be pleased. (Backstory: this #desk was covered in mail and printouts and other paper materials for almost 2 years.) || #cleaninghouse #clearingup #homeoffice #workspace #tidyingup #preparingforthenewyear

I've been trying to write this post all day, some kind of last-day-of-the-year what-kind-of-year-has-it-been reflective-reflexive whatever something lah. And all I've got is this:

I've been back in Singapore for almost a month. This week I cleared my home office, which meant getting rid of two years' accumulation of crap, and now my desk finally is usable again. At dinner tonight I showed the above photo to my mum. She asked, "And how long do you think you can keep it that way?" My mother knows me too well.

So yeah. Happy new year, everybody!


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