Solo efforts

It's not every evening that you walk into a friend's birthday party, only to be greeted by a look of dismay from the birthday girl. "I brought you wine!" I said cheerily, waving the bottle of Shiraz.

"Yu-Mei Balasingamchow," she intoned in her distinctive singsong way, albeit with a tinge of disapproval, "you were supposed to be here earlier."

"Yah, sorry, I had dinner with some friends and ---"

"No, you were supposed to be here earlier." She gave me a look. It turned out there had been a Very Nice Man at the party whom she'd been hoping to introduce to me, but he'd booked it for another party before I got there.

Nonetheless, she proceeded to tell me several significant details about him, which now makes me wonder if I'll be able to keep a straight face if he and I ever get round to meeting (nothing wrong with him, just my friend's enthusiastic description).

Unrelated to this, a couple of months ago someone asked me what type of guys I like. In response my mind went completely blank. One doesn't simply walk around with a list in our heads, do we?



At 1/16/2010 8:09 pm , Blogger naixuhs said...

Actually the real question is (not to sound too Bridget Jones) "Is being Single a disease?" Can you be happy/fulfilled without being in a "relationship"? Lots of people tried to set me up when I was single without really asking me if I was looking for someone at that time. As to what I was looking for....I didn't know until it hit me.

At 1/17/2010 2:03 am , Blogger Jess said...

I have a list tucked into my purse which includes 'ability to juggle' and 'able to name up to 14 species of plants'.

At 1/17/2010 9:37 am , Blogger Tym said...

naixuhs > I don't think I mind being single right now. I find myself more amused than anything else by my friends.

Jess > Eh, next time we have a beer, I want to see that list!

At 1/20/2010 8:22 am , Anonymous malcolm said...

I wonder where I can advertise to look for A Very Nice Gal.

At 1/24/2010 1:13 am , Anonymous Dot said...

Jess: Can you name 14 species of plants?

Tym: I'd be curious to hear your list... if you ever wanted to make one up.


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