A different kind of vegging out

It's been a mostly working weekend after all, so I haven't had any exciting meals. But earlier this week, there was Annalakshmi at its new Amoy Street location --- yes, relocated from its decades-old space at Excelsior Hotel, but retaining the same "pay as much as you feel is appropriate" philosophy.

The thing about me and Indian food is that most of the time, I don't know what any of the dishes are called and may not even be entirely sure of what I'm eating, particularly when it comes to vegetarian dishes. Yes, yes, you could say shame on me and my one-quarter Indian heritage. But as a child, the Indian restaurant we ate most frequently at was the original Komala Vilas along Serangoon Road, where for a flat price, they would heap rice and all sorts of anonymous vegetarian dishes on a banana leaf.

Keyword: anonymous.

I soon learned what I liked, but I didn't know what anything was called, except, ironically, the things I didn't really care for: rasam, the soup-like concoction that my father would especially ask for at Komala Vilas, and dhal, which my mom would make at home too.

So a buffet, which is the staple at Annalakshmi, is really the best set-up for me. Mr Sanguine has a nice picture of the spread (he happened to be there too that day), and they also have a nice marsala tea to round off the meal.

The new restaurant isn't as ornately decorated as the old Excelsior place, but it's very cheery.


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