It'll do

Because the People's Action Party got only two-thirds of the vote, down from 75% the last time. (Edited to add: my brother's crunched some numbers on the alleged 66.6% "mandate".)

Because the Workers' Party kicked ass in Aljunied GRC, taking a sizable 44% of the vote, even though they hadn't contested that constituency before and were going up against a People's Action Party team that included a Cabinet minister, a mayor, a minister for state and two not entirely low-profile Members of Parliament. Nevertheless, the Workers' Party made Aljunied the GRC with the lowest winning majority for the People's Action Party.

Because the Workers' Party rocked in the Prime Minister's home ground of Ang Mo Kio, taking one-third of the vote even though, again, they hadn't contested that constituency before and most of the team were political novices were aged 31 and below.

Because in comparing maiden general election results for new Prime Ministers, although Lee Hsien Loong received a greater proportion of votes last night (66.6%) than his predecessor Goh Chok Tong in his first general election (61% in 1991), Goh then brought home his constituency with 77.25% of the vote, while Lee held just 66.1% of the vote in his constituency last night, even though he's been the incumbent there since 1988.

Because Chiam See Tong took home Potong Pasir, as he has worked hard to do. Dude, he's 71 years old!

You can't win 'em all. But this'll do.


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At 5/06/2006 2:58 pm , Blogger SilverBullet said...

Hiyoh... first chance to vote and I don't get to vote. Not like my one puny vote would make a difference.

At 5/06/2006 3:23 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

2001 was an anomaly, coming as it did shortly after 9-11.

Compare, instead, with the few elections b4 2001. This year's result for PAP is actually better.

At 5/06/2006 10:18 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

if we were to gather all opposition voters together, they'd be enough to form two of three 5-men GRCs i.e. 15 seats or thereabouts to the opposition in Parliament.

think about that.

but of course, our establishment is good at (re)drawing.

At 5/06/2006 11:30 pm , Blogger strangemessages said...

redrawing? gerrymandering, you mean.

At 5/07/2006 12:30 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

YO> Oh I totally agree with you - I mean, why compare this results against PAP's best ever showing? That's just silly. Instead, let's pick and choose whichever GE results makes this result look halfway decent!

Welcome to Lake PAP, where every GRC and SMC is above average.

At 5/07/2006 5:59 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me quote you the figures:

1968 86.7%
'72 70.4%
'76 74.1%
'80 77.7%
'84 64.8%
'88 63.2%
'91 61.0%
'97 65.0%
2001 75.0%
2006 66.6%

Looking at the years since 1984 (which was when a 'credible' opposition - Mr Chiam See Tong - first appeared on the scene), would anyone dispute that 2001 was anomalous and begged an explanation?

It is a well-recognized phenomenon that in times of crises people tend to vote for 'safer' options. 2001 GE came hot on the heels of 9-11. Those were extraordinary circumstances. This year's results are more within 'norm'.

What I'm saying is, we cannot look to 2001's 75% to conclude that PAP is 'losing ground'. We'll have to look elsewhere. This, for once, isn't just PAP congratulating themselves.

At 5/07/2006 4:16 pm , Blogger Ondine said...

And we realised that while the results were being announced there were great strikes of lightning in the sky. Ang Mo Kio- PAP *crack*, Jalan Besar- PAP *crack*, Hougang- WP *neighbours cheer loudly, then crickets*, Tampines- PAP *crack*, Potong Pasir- SDA *blocks of flats around me cheer then crickets...*

So Packrat and I decided the only places where the sun is shining and birds are singing, Hougang and Potong Pasir. Everywhere else, the lightning is a sign of things to come.

At 5/07/2006 11:44 pm , Blogger cour marly said...

TaLieSin> Agreed - because it would be so EASY to play with the %s by having the APs only contest Hougang and Potong Pasir at the next GE. And watch PAP's support dip into the 30-40% range.

Now that would make for some really interesting headlines.

At 5/08/2006 4:49 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I think the jokers from SDP spoiled everything at Sembawang, bring the Opposition % down. They should have left that place alone and maybe we can see better results LOL.

PP and Hougang are amazing. Most grateful to them!

Hopefully, AMK will be, soon...

At 5/09/2006 7:19 pm , Blogger Anthony said...

Actually, I think that the -fact- that the opposition mustered enough PEOPLE to challenge these GRC's is a sign of things to come.

The fact of the challenge must be another factor to be considered. By even challenging the PAP (and on some decently lucid grounds I might add) they are casting doubt of PAP's vaunted "supremacy" without having to say a word.


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