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How deep is your flood?

Ink has been with us for three weeks, and every week we've had to pop into a pet store to pick up supplies. First it was to get all the basics: kitty litter and tray, scratching post, bowls for food and water. Then, it was to buy toys, because he was getting bored out of his skull and beginning to investigate all the corners of the apartment that we didn't want him in.

Yesterday, it was to pick up more cat food (he's almost through his first five-pound bag), a basket for him to sleep in and, well, toys. So far, he hasn't shown much interest in the basket, but he did destroy one toy within a couple of hours by yanking it off its string. He also really likes scaling the window grilles. I just hope he doesn't bring the timber blinds down one of these days ...

At my planned-at-short-notice birthday non-party at Cafe Cosmo on Tuesday night, a friend remarked that my blog, of late, is always either about work or food. Now I suppose you can add Ink to that list.

After all, what am I gonna blog about --- politics?


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At 4/03/2006 2:43 am , Blogger Unknown said...

lol! yeah. now got ink. not only work and food.

At 4/04/2006 11:27 am , Blogger Kiv said...

u hv to get urself registered to talk abt politics now.


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