Po-mo partying

It's wildly appropriate that after spending the afternoon surveying cultural theories of mass culture (as Packrat put it, it feels as if someone took a crowbar to his head), I am off to partake in an evening of consumerist, commodified, co-opted nostalgia-remixed-as-novelty at Zouk's weekly Mambo Night. There will be teenagers (born in the '80s), bopping to music from the '80s (that's in turn a cover of something from the '50s), wearing clothes that were also fashionable in the '70s. There will be a good bit of preening and posturing, where being seen at the venue means more than the venue itself. There will be drinks (produced by the Establishment) and music (manufactured by the Establishment) for all the anti-Establishment rebels partying on a weeknight.

All that's missing, really, is a healthy dose of irony --- which is what I'll be there for. Let the fun and games begin.


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At 9/08/2005 2:33 pm , Blogger  said...

wa lao, never jio.


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