Lines off a page

We went to a poetry performance tonight, so of course I had to wear my new T-shirt with Ogden Nash's immortal lines:
Is dandy,
But liquor
is quicker.
The poetry performance was Poetic Licence by STAGES at the Singapore Art Museum auditorium. For $12, you get two solid hours of dramatisations of local performances, and it was a really good show. I enjoy poetry anyway, but even for the non-literature fan, I think the selection of poems was universal enough to resonate with the average Singaporean. Not too cheem (profound or deep) lah. And the Hentak Kaki selection made me think a lot harder about all the NS stories I've heard from Terz and my other guy friends, and about the whole institution of National Service.

Poetic Licence is only playing till next Wednesday, so go and see! Quick!


At 7/01/2005 3:27 pm , Blogger dindon said...

Thanks for coming to watch our performance. Do ask your friends to come and support us too!


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